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Boat Mattresses

Boat Mattresses are a speciality and Cocketts have years of experience in bespoke making both mattresses for the marine environment and made to size odd mattresses which means that Cocketts Mattresses have a truly comprehensive knowledge and can advise you as to what will best suit you. Then using the finest quality materials Cocketts will tailor make your boat mattress to the required size, shape and specification. Mattresses to fit every yacht or boat.

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At Cocketts Mattresses we believe that a "...good night starts with a good bed" and it should not be any different when you are onboard your boat. After a tiring day at sea there is nothing like returning to the tranquility of your bunk or bed for a good night's sleep in pure comfort.

We can make a quality mattresses for your boat or yacht to any specification every bit as good as the one at home.

Boat Mattress Making

How we make your quality boat mattress

Whether you require a shaped foam mattress or visco elastic memory foam or prefer a made to size interior spring or a pocketed sprung mattress for a luxury boat mattress, you need look no further than our beautifully hand crafted mattresses. At Cocketts Mattresses we are the experts in using all the types of materials currently used in the bed industry.

Over the past few decades, manufacturers have developed special latex coated animal hair and coir (coconut fibre) for marine and boat mattress use. These natural materials are air-permeable and durable, performing well in humid environments such as onboard a boat. These rubberised hair mattresses are not only comfortable, but are specifically designed for the marine environment, banishing the problems of damp and condensation. These rubberised hair cores are an upgrade from foam and it is continuing at a pace to replace simple foam for boat mattresses. Cocketts often top these mattress cores with latex and wool to improve the quality and creating a natural organic mattress.

Bespoke made boat mattress options

We make mattresses to any shape or size targeting the exact dimension and, where required, with angled or curved sides. We can work from good diagrams of the boat or yacht berth but often a paper or plastic template can more easily show odd shapes and graduated curves. If cabin access is difficult, boat mattresses can be split and zipped together. We produce inner spring and pocket sprung mattresses from 150mm (6") in depth to 250mm (10") deep, in various strengths or spring gauges according to your build and your comfort choice. If a shallower mattress is required Foam or Rubberised Hair mattresses cores can be used. For comfort we would not recommend going lower than 10cm (4 inches).

Cocketts Make Mattresses For Any Boat

Previous Work

Cocketts Mattresses have undertaken many commissions including the J class racing yacht Velsheda, the super yacht the Lady Georgina and the heritage tug boat the Vic96.

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